Micro Smart Grid / ZeeMo.Base

EUREF-Campus has a “micro smart grid”. A smart grid is an electricity grid in which various sources of energy, consumers and storage facilities are intelligently connected.

The grid’s management harmonizes the fluctuating supply of regenerative energies and current consumption in a way which is ecological and economical. Since this is carried out in a limited space, it is referred to as a “micro smart grid”. There is still a connection to the public electricity mains. The objective is to relieve the public mains using energy flows that can be planned, and to increase the proportion of renewable energies.

Two car-sharing stations with a total of 36 charging points are connected to the micro smart grid. AC charging stations (22 kW) as well as DC loading stations (50 kW) are installed, and inductive charging for passenger cars and electric vans is integrated in the micro smart grid.

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EUREF-Campus Green Garage (© EUREF AG / Christian Kruppa)EUREF / Christian Kruppa
Photobioreaktor (© MINT / Jana Siemer)MINT / Jana Siemer
EUREF-Campus Infralab (© Infralab Berlin)Infralab Berlin