ubitricity stands for “ubiquitous electricity” – because the energy needed for the transformation to electromobility is already available everywhere around us. Since being founded in 2008, ubitricity has been committed to making this energy available anytime, anywhere, to anyone: Thus, ubitricity offers public charging solutions for every situation – Lamppost, bollard, fast & rapid charging, they’ve got it all. With more than 6,000 public charge points, ubitricity is already one of the leading providers in Europe and is impressing more and more cities and local authorities with its flexible full-service offering.

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EUREF-Campus Green Garage (© EUREF AG / Christian Kruppa)EUREF / Christian Kruppa
Photobioreaktor (© MINT / Jana Siemer)MINT / Jana Siemer
EUREF-Campus Infralab (© Infralab Berlin)Infralab Berlin