EUREF-Event GmbH
phone +49 30 264 767 24
(Mo-Fr 8.30 am – 3.30 pm)

At our Campus you can meet, mingle and dance. And enjoy a really great celebration here with us. Your wedding, for example. At Schmiede you can hold a wedding or private celebration at any time of the year. With Maria & Pino you are in the best of hands – personal service with attentive care is a priority to both of them.

The cosy and rustic ambience makes Schmiede an extraordinary location for your wedding reception – right in the middle of Berlin.

The two large terraces as well as the winter garden at Schmiede are ideal for receiving guests. In addition, you can have your wedding ceremony in the open air and still have enough space for guests big and small. The Sangermano family cooks Italian delicacies or home-style cuisine, served as you wish in buffet form or in multiple courses. After dinner, at Schmiede you can dance the night away.

EUREF-Campus professionally provides you with all services from a single source. In the case a wedding, you are welcome to bring your own DJ, the wedding cake and the decorations.

Please budget at least € 180 plus VAT per guest for your wedding including rent, ancillary costs, wait and kitchen staff, catering, furnishings and decorations.

  • Capacity

    Fireplace room: 90 persons with row seating (conference equipment)
    70 persons with dinner seating (private party)

  • Venue

    Two separate event rooms connected with swing doors:
    Centre room approx. 95 m²
    Fireplace room approx. 120 m², can be darkened
    Rear terrace with approx. 190 m² of usable space and sun umbrellas
    Glazed and roofed terrace (winter garden) with approx. 190 m² of usable space
    Wooden deck with more than 200 m² of usable space

  • Additional features

    Technical and presentation equipment available