Research Campus “Mobility2Grid”

Under the guidance of TU Berlin, a total of 36 facilities from science and business have entered into a broadly based public-private partnership in the association Mobility2Grid e.V. In line with the research campus support initiative, the focus is an equality-based partnership between science and business.

The electrification of transport is a unique opportunity to jointly research energy and transport systems and make use of synergies. The Mobility2Grid (M2G) research campus – situated on the EUREF areal in Berlin-Schöneberg – researches and implements innovative solutions in order to ensure that the provision of electricity, heat and transport remains affordable, safe and completely based on renewable energies in the long term. It also serves as a testing and reference point for the deployment of innovation for sustainable mobility and urban development. M2G will be subsidized for the next five years by BMBF with a total of € 10 million.

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