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The dome in the Gasometer (gasholder) was designed to mark the 2006 Football World Cup, with its shape inspired by the Reichstag. The Gasometer (gasholder) offers space for up to 600 people. Over the past years, it has served as a venue for film premieres, party conventions, UN conferences and much more.

  • Capacity

    Events for up to 600 persons with row seating

    Events for up to 350 persons with dinner seating

  • Venue

    Approx. 20 m high
    Air conditioning
    Wall-to-wall carpeting


    Stage with projection area

    Professional light, sound and projection equipment

    Seating for conferences and dinners


    Rooms in adjacent buildings can be additionally booked for use as a foyer, registration, etc.

    Catering for your event from EUREF-Campus gastronomy providers